Use our Whistleblower Platform to securely send us information and documents on specific matters and projects (as listed below).

Whistleblowing is vital to obtaining meaningful information and facts used to uncover unethical or corrupt practices, without which, might otherwise not have been possible.

By reporting or sharing this information with OUTA, you are able to help us challenge, uncover and even halt those transactions and behaviours which hurt this country financially.

Should you have relevant information to aid our research on a particular issue, please provide it to us by clicking on one of the forms listed below. Please do not post items on matters we are not working on, however, should you have information of serious issues you believe we may want to look into, we have made one “other” form available.

OUTA takes each whistleblower submission seriously, and we are here to listen and answer any questions you have. You can submit the information in the forms below or contact us here.

Be proactive and help us to stand up for your rights, making South Africa better every day!

Use this form to send us information on corruption, maladministration or financial irregularities within SAA.

Use this form to send us information on Eskom financial irregularities, corruption or maladministration.

Use this form to send us information on gross financial irregularities, corruption or maladministration within our State Owned Entities.

Your information or report submitted will be reviewed by OUTA’s legal department to
determine the usefulness, and if necessary, the investigation action plan.

If your information or report concerns a member of OUTA, then your information or
report will be referred to an internal legal entity within the OUTA organisation.

OUTA has partnered with Whispli.com to provide a secure, offshore, third party application for whistleblowing information sharing and reporting. By using a third party application, we can ensure your confidentiality when submitting information or reporting. We guarantee confidentiality should you wish stay anonymous.

By submitting your information through this Whistleblowing platform, you will be taken out of the OUTA website to the secure third party application which is not linked to our servers or data storage content in any way. Your information is thus securely stored off-shore and our only access to you is through the secure and private message posting process managed by the third party application.

Should you chose to provide us with your contact or personal details in the form, you will have elected not to remain anonymous to us at OUTA. In doing so, whilst we will endeavour to ensure your details do remain confidential within OUTA’s Whistleblowing Team, we cannot be held liable for any developments whereby your anonymity is compromised as a result of the work we do. However, we have no intention of disclosing your contact or personal details, unless you expressly advise us to do so, and even then, it will be at the discretion of the OUTA management.

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