Have your say on eToll Tariffs now!

The Department of Transport has invited to public to comment on the eToll Tariffs, closing date 8 November 2013.  The Gazette which details these Tariffs and the motivation thereof, can be viewed here.

We believe it is important for society to respond to this request, despite the fact that they have never provided feedback or a summary of submissions when citizens provided feedback on these rates posted for comment in November 2012.Please provide them with your reasons for expressing your own opinion on these tariffs, which may range from:

1. Too high by 100%, due to the road construction costs being overcharged and SANRAL have done nothing to date to recover this money from the construction companies.
2. Too high by 100% because a number of new roads have been opened by the Minister of Transport during Transport Month and none of these have been tolled.  Where is the consistency in the user pays stance Government is taking on Gauteng’s freeways?
3. Too high by 100% because I pay my taxes and fuel levies to drive on these roads, which for part of the social infrastructure of our country.
4. Too high by 100% because I fail to see why my tolls should contribute toward the profits of an off-shore company.If you would rather use your own views and other information, better still.

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