Monthly Archives: April 2012

OUTA welcomes e-Toll interdict

OUTA welcomes the court’s decision to interdict the launch of e-Tolling, thereby allowing time for the full matter and case to be heard in court.  We are pleased that Judge Prinsloo has decided it would be prudent to keep… Get more

OUTA lodges responding affidavit

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) has lodged its responding affidavit on Saturday 21st April, as it seeks to urgently interdict the implementation of SANRAL’s plan to toll Gauteng’s freeways on the 30th April.  The matter will be… Get more

E-Toll opposition mounting

The OUTA responding affidavit to SANRAL’s (and other respondents) answering affidavits is being finalized for lodging with the courts today or Monday 23rd. We are encouraged by the mounting support to challenge the launch of e-tolling, such as the Road… Get more

SANRAL introduces new punitive e-Toll tariff

Department of Transport published the Gauteng e-Toll tariffs in the Government Gazette (#35263) on Friday 13th April and have displayed tactics to try and force the public to register their vehicles with SANRAL, by introducing a new tariff which is… Get more

To Tag Or Not To Tag

With the 30th April looming ever closer and SANRAL’s advertising to ‘get tagged’, many motorists are asking the question, “do we or don’t we get e-tags before the 30th April.  OUTA would like to  offer some thoughts and… Get more