Monthly Archives: August 2012

e-Toll court case: An important case for our democracy

This Wednesday’s Constitutional Court appeal by Treasury against the e-tolling interdict (as handed down by the North Gauteng High Court in April), is an important case for our democracy.

Civil society must be able to approach the courts when the… Get more

e-Toll review in high court set for 26 Nov

Following a meeting of the party’s legal teams with the Deputy Judge President today in the North Gauteng High Court, the date of 26th November 2012 has been set down for the full review hearing of the e-Tolling case… Get more

SANRAL faces no pressure without tolling

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) disagrees with Moody’s annual credit report on SANRAL issued on Tuesday which cautions that the entity “will experience significant financial pressure post October 2013, in the event that e-toll revenues are still not… Get more