Monthly Archives: October 2012

Strong opposition to e-Tolls disregarded by IMC


As forecasted the e-Toll charm offensive by Government is now well under way. Given the extent of discussions between various parties during the Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) led process, one expects that… Get more

SASBO – The Finance Union supports OUTA

SASBO- the finance union, has pledged its support for OUTA’s cause with a R50,000 donation toward its legal costs and a moral stance taken to voice their opinion on the e-Tolling matter.


“Sasbo is a national trade union affiliated… Get more

OUTA’s case remains strong

The first week of October 2012 saw OUTA compile and file its final replying affidavits for the court review.  OUTA’s access to the (confidential) ETC contact has certainly enabled it to assess the numbers and assumptions of their funding… Get more

OUTA & Temporary Confidentiality Agreements

There is some misunderstanding regarding the recent press releases which indicated that OUTA have signed confidentiality agreements with SANRAL. For the sake of clarity OUTA wish to explain that. This matter certainly is not a case of OUTA “doing a… Get more

OUTA Adamant – e-Tolls are wrong for SA

Judging from comments by the Minister of Transport urging the public to purchase e-Tags and other communication being sent out by SANRAL this week, it is clear that Government intends to launch e-tolling before the court review in November.

Having… Get more