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OUTA supports Busa’s call for peaceful e-Toll march

OUTA acknowledges the rights for COSATU’s protected marches in Johannesburg and Tshwane against E-tolling on Friday 30 November, and trusts these will be conducted in a most peaceful manner to demonstrate society’s respect for property rights and the law.

We… Get more

OUTA legal case overview and thanks

Wednesday 28 November hopefully marked the end of a long and much tougher challenge than we

initially envisaged, after setting out in March to put a legal halt to the eTolling of Gauteng’s Freeways

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OUTA calls for independent tolls enquiry

The Sunday Times report on 25 November 2012 reveals a veil of questionable practices within the South African tolling industry, which hints at the need for a much broader and deeper examination into all tolling per se, than just the… Get more

SANRAL featured headlines in Sunday Times

How can anyone take SANRAL seriously or buy an eTag after today’s exposure in the Sunday Times.  Government would do well to appoint an independent commission of inquiry into all tenders handled by SANRAL. Don’t forget, they lost a… Get more

COSATU march and call to stop e-Tolls -30 Nov

Cosatu invites the public to join them in a legal and organised march on Friday 30th November 2012, to send a clear message to the Government to withdraw their plan to toll Gauteng’s Freeways. Marches will take place in… Get more

Government continues to mislead public on e-Tolls

The three public information sessions held last week to discuss the proposed eToll tariffs and exemptions, sent a clear message to Government that its citizens do not want eTolls!

Despite the attempts by Government this week to try and put… Get more

Public sessions reject etolls – OUTA

The conclusion of the third and final eToll public information session on eToll tariffs and exemptions, hosted by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) and Department of Transport (DoT) in Sunninghill last night, delivered a clear and unambiguous… Get more