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2014 – the year of sanity on e-Tolls?

One month after the big e-toll ‘switch on’ and society has witnessed a broad based people defiance campaign that many did not envisage possible.  The extent of the rejection of e-tolls by Gauteng road users is not only in… Get more


Two weeks after Gauteng’s e-toll project was finally turned on, OUTA notes that the eTag uptake has been far lower than initially anticipated. “We always knew that Sanral’s e-tag sales were inflated over the past two years, but we never… Get more

OUTA research – e-tag take-up dismal

Now that eTolling has started, OUTA have conducted a number of physical e-tag counts on vehicles in two environments, freeway and non-freeway use.  The results give a clear indication that Sanral has once again fabricated their e-tag sales to… Get more

SANRAL statements and statistics remain unreliable

OUTA has often reported material inaccuracies purported by various spokespersons from SANRAL, including their CEO, Mr Nazir Allie who has now found his voice which appeared lost for such a long time. Regrettably, his utterances continue to be as selectively… Get more

SANRAL misleads once again with 17% cost claim

OUTA objects to Sanral’s repeated statement that  the cost of e-toll collections, is ”only 17%” of the revenue generated by e-tolling.

E-toll collection and administration systems in the US, for example, cost just over 5%. As Wayne Duvenage, OUTA… Get more

SANRAL PR spin degenerates into gross fabrication

South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) president Neren Rau has distanced SACCI from gross misrepresentation by Sanral media spokesperson Vusi Mona, who claimed SACCI’s “significant endorsement” in supposedly backing the e-toll system yesterday. News24 reported on Tuesday that… Get more

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