Monthly Archives: January 2013

OUTA quest for justice continues

OUTA is pleased at being granted leave to appeal the High Court judgement of 13 December 2012, and expresses the alliance’s sincere belief that their case to halt eTolls has strong grounds, which we trust will eventually obtain the ruling… Get more

OUTA files papers for leave to appeal e-Toll judgement

Following the decision taken by OUTA’s representatives on 7 January 2013, to proceed with an application to seek leave to appeal the high court judgement, OUTA’s application which contains the reasons and grounds for the appeal was lodged on Tuesday… Get more

OUTA to proceed with e-Toll appeal

At a legal meeting with their attorneys on Monday 7th January, OUTA agreed to proceed with its application to seek leave to appeal the judgement by Judge Vorster AJ handed down 13 December, 2012.  OUTA has previously highlighted… Get more