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OUTA relishes W-Cape court victory

E-tolling opponents OUTA have hailed the City of Cape Town’s e-tolling court victory over SANRAL, marking another blow against SANRAL’s plans to ram    their unpopular plans down society’s throat. OUTA Chairman, Wayne Duvenage, said the case had demonstrated… Get more

OUTA applauds Catholic Church e-Toll stance

On the 20th May 2013, the Justice & Peace Department of the Catholic Church released a compelling statement which sets out with clarity and significant detail, their reasons to denounce the Governments current plan to Toll Gauteng’s freeways,as a… Get more

Catholic Church Statement on e-Tolls

Justice and Peace Department
Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference
Statement on E-tolling and Government Accountability

(to facilitate discussion in local communities)

The prospect of extensive e-tolling on the freeways surrounding Johannesburg and Pretoria has resulted in a great deal… Get more

OUTA reminds SANRAL on ownership

SANRAL is not part of the private sector but a wholly-owned arm of government. This reminder came from citizens’ rights group OUTA, whose chairman, Wayne Duvenage, said: “When it suits SANRAL for the purposes of ensuring it can collect revenue,… Get more

SANRAL in NCA credit evasion facade

SANRAL’s controversial e-tolling plan for Gauteng has taken a new twist with news that the roads agency is attempting to have itself exempted from the National Credit Act. SANRAL is claiming that the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project is a pre-paid… Get more

SANRAL at fault in e-Tolling failure – OUTA

Citizens’ rights group OUTA has said SANRAL has only itself to blame for its failure to implement e-tolling. OUTA Chairman, Wayne Duvenage rejected SANRAL’s recent comments that the eToll litigation has disrupted their e-tolling plans. “In reality, SANRAL failed to… Get more