Monthly Archives: September 2013

SANRAL proposes scrapping the fuel levy?

JOHANNESBURG – SANRAL’s advertising in national newspapers today claims that a fuel levy is not sustainable; citing amongst other things that it was introduced in the 1970’s and that fuel efficient vehicles like hybrid and electric vehicles are set to… Get more

Press statement from church group rejecting e-Tolling

Press Release by leaders from the following church groups: South African Council of
Churches, South African Catholic Bishops Conference, The Evangelical Alliance of South
Africa and South African Christian Leaders Initiative.

Various church groupings have made statements about the e-tolling… Get more

e-Toll bill does not mean it works

Following the President’s passing of the eToll bill into law, OUTA is surprised at this decision, bearing in mind that recent reports indicate the Presidency was going to take some time to consider the questions relating to the correct tagging… Get more

e-Toll delay is a farce – OUTA

OUTA regards the decision to delay the signing of the Transport & Related Matters Amendment Bill, under the guise that it may be incorrectly tagged in the parliamentary process, as simply a tactic to give the ruling party time to… Get more

SANRAL e-Toll enforcement lacking in detail

OUTA has regularly indicated that SANRAL fails to disclose, in detail, how they intend prosecuting the non-payment of eTolls in Gauteng. A media report on Monday quoting SANRAL’s spokesperson, Vusi Mona, as highlighting several aspects of a designed enforcement process… Get more