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OUTA decision postponed to Friday 18th October

Following the SCA judgment and further to OUTA’s decision to announce its way forward on Wednesday 16th October, OUTA supporters have decided they require more time to consider all options available to them, in order that the organisation is… Get more

A communication to people of faith

A communication to people of faith

The witness of the churches with regard to e-tolls.

It is always a pastoral and prophetic duty of churches to bear witness with regard to policies of government that bear negatively on society in… Get more

OUTA’s response to the SCA judgement

In March 2012, OUTA and its co-applicants launched proceedings in the North Gauteng High Court to protect the road-using public from an unlawful and unconstitutional e-tolling scheme.

After the North Gauteng High Court in December 2012 unexpectedly

–  decided… Get more

OUTA press statement – Supreme Court judgement

Outa are disappointed at the outcome on the merits but pleased with the SCA’s decision on the costs order. Outa and its legal representatives are studying the judgment and a press conference will be held on Thursday morning at 11h00… Get more

OUTA response to billboard adverts

OUTA is not behind the erection of billboards which state:  ‘eTolls, Proudly brought to you by the ANC’.

When asked for comment on these billboards, Wayne Duvenage the Chairman of OUTA remarked “OUTA does not have funds to pay… Get more

e-Toll ‘ducks won’t fly’ soon

The unexpected signing by President Zuma of the Transport Related Amendment Matters Bill last month on Saturday 21 September and the subsequent announcement of this only several days later in the afternoon of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA), has… Get more