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e-Toll opponents are not the enemy

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance is shocked to hear mutterings and insinuations from the authorities that those opposed to the ill-conceived e-toll plan are partially to blame for the appalling “hoax call” behavior of one of their contracted employees.… Get more

SANRAL’s self deception magnifies

The successful and peaceful demonstration by thousands of motorcyclists and car owners on Saturday is another indication the public are fed up with Sanral’s e-tolling debacle and are refusing to participate in the ill-conceived scheme.

“We are furthermore perturbed by… Get more

OUTA welcomes NCC opinion

OUTA is pleased with the opinion expressed by the head of National Consumer Commission, Ebrahim Mohamed, as reported today in The Times today in the article “Sanral Must Fix Billing”.

The message in this article is one that is echoed… Get more

SANRAL’S disaster recovery failure is alarming

It appears that following the precautions taken due to yesterday’s anthrax scare evacuation, the Electronic Tolling Collection centre has failed to successfully implement a disaster recovery procedure which one would expect from an organisation of this magnitude.

In today’s highly… Get more

OUTA condemns anthrax scare at ETC operations centre

In response to reports that staff employed at the Sanral e-tolling operations centre in Midrand were evacuated today due to an anthrax scare, the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance urges the public not to over-react.
“We trust that no one… Get more

e-Tolls: to tag or not and if not, then what?

OUTA has been inundated with queries, ever since the public began receiving SMS notifications and e-Toll invoices for using the freeways. In short, motorists are extremely angry about the treatment they are receiving from Sanral over the e-toll fiasco.

OUTA… Get more

e-Toll system on brink of collapse?

Following the announcement of Mr Ben Theron’s resignation, the Chief Operations Officer of the Electronic Tolling Company, OUTA is not at all surprised at this latest turn of events, the second of two senior executive resignations within a few months… Get more

Onerous e-Tolls costs & process issues predicted

OUTA is perturbed but not surprised at the concerns and growing incidents of debt and debt-rescue cases arising as a result of e-tolling, as was reported yesterday (14 Jan 2014) by Neil Roets, the CEO of Debt Rescue – ‘… Get more

SANRAL’s behavior – inexplicable and deplorable

“The recent wave of numerous inexplicable, inaccurate and threatening SMS’s from SANRAL’s collection agents for outstanding e-toll fee’s merely reflects their bully-boy mentality,” says an exasperated OUTA Chairperson, Wayne Duvenage. “The various media channels and in particular, social media are… Get more