Monthly Archives: February 2014

SANRAL self deception on e-tag sales worrying

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance is deeply concerned by SANRAL’s media spin wherein they claim their e-tags sales have exceeded one million tags.  Following OUTA’s recent research which found that less than 30% of freeway user’s vehicles are… Get more

OUTA urges MP’s to look beyond SANRAL’s input

OUTA notes with interest that the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport will be briefed by SANRAL on the implementation of e-tolling in Gauteng.  Sanral’s media statement of 17 February 2014 downplays the purpose of the briefing by simply stating… Get more

e-Toll survey shows 71% remain un-tagged

With e-tolling now into its third month of operation, research by the Opposition for Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) again indicates that freeway users are largely steadfast and exercising strong levels of civil courage by not getting e-tagged to the levels… Get more

Disrespect for human rights erodes SANRAL legitimacy

Following two months of so-called “teething problems”, Sanral again stands accused of dishonesty, lack of responsiveness, and failing to be open with users of Gauteng’s e-tolled ‘pay-ways’. In a comprehensive 10,000 word complaint lodged with the Office of the Public… Get more

Taxi’s & billing problems highlight e-Toll complexity

OUTA notes with interest the development relating to e-toll frustrations by the National Taxi Association. Following pressure from the Taxi industry in 2011, SANRAL offered full exemption for Taxis on the tolled roads, expecting their threat of freeway blockades would… Get more