Monthly Archives: November 2015

e-Toll debt should not be feared

Following a month of SANRAL’s dispensation, which offers discount on outstanding e-toll debt, the uptake has been dismal and all indications are that this carrot will not be the saving grace for the ill-fated e-Toll scheme.  “The announcement by… Get more

Gauteng Province wastes money on e-Tolls

In response to the Gauteng provincial government’s decision to allocate R123 million in its 2015 budget towards SANRAL for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP), OUTA fears that this has serious consequences to Gauteng taxpayers and this action is a… Get more

More unacceptable transgressions by SANRAL

In response to news that Sanral has transgressed the Metrology Act in failing to obtain certification of its electronic systems, the Opposition for Urban Tolling Alliance has issued the following statement.

In a parliamentary question put by Anton Alberts of… Get more