Monthly Archives: December 2015

New AARTO regulations aimed to accomodate e-Tolls

The Department of transport has recently published a Gazette (#39482) on 7th December 2015, which requests comment from the public before the closing date of 6 January 2016. OUTA urges the public to participate, as the amendments are impractical and… Get more

Vusi Mona is absurdly out of touch with reality

SANRAL Spokesperson, Mr Vusi Mona’s response to OUTA’s claims of the e-Toll scheme’s failure, clearly indicates how out of touch he is with his own organisation’s reality, and the numbers as provided by their own collection agency, the Electronic Toll… Get more

A look at two years of e-Toll failure

This week, two years ago, on the third of December 2013, the E-Toll scheme was launched, despite overwhelming public dissention and warnings that it would not be an effective ‘user-pays’ mechanism to service the Gauteng freeway upgrade bonds.

OUTA’s research… Get more