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Companies & people settling e-Toll debt are wasting their money

Companies & people settling e-Toll debt are wasting their money

“Threats by the Electronic Tolling Collection (ETC) through its contractor ITC-Business Administrators to summons a ‘selection of motorists’ with high outstanding e-toll bills, risks sinking SANRAL’s entire e-toll ship through… Get more

Premier Makhura gets it wrong on e-toll white elephant

In Premier Makhura’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) on Monday, he alluded to the lack of e-toll payment as being due to affordability, as opposed to being a mass civil disobedience campaign. OUTA refutes this claim outright, in that… Get more

A message to Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Finance

South Africa is struggling to maintain its rightful position as a leading developing nation.

We are punching well below our weight and it comes down to poor governance, maladministration, corruption and weak political leadership. Every year, in an attempt to… Get more

OUTA to take SANRAL’s SMS harassment matter to council

OUTA notes the media statement by the Electronic Tolling Company (ETC) earlier this week, who stated in reaction to OUTA’s earlier claims of SMS harassment, that “Continued distortion of the true facts and bluster by entities purporting to be all… Get more