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OUTA Chairman’s Report: 2015/16

South Africa – a nation hungry and desperate for change.

OUTA Chairman Wayne DuvenageThe recent turn of events on South Africa’s political stage suggest that 2016 will probably go down as the most significant year of change in our nation’s young but fragile… Get more

SANRAL’s lawyer’s disobey court rules

SANRAL have issued thousands of e-toll summons over the last few weeks against motorists, both in the High Court in Pretoria, and the Magistrates Courts in various districts around the country.

e-toll summons law break

OUTA has noticed some serious issues which are in… Get more

e-Toll discount extension was predictable

After the public largely rejected SANRAL’s 60% e-Toll discount offer, OUTA is in no way surprised that SANRAL has been forced to extend the period by another 10 days in an attempt to claw back a bit more of the… Get more

e-Toll discount dispensation Fails

OUTA notes with interest SANRAL’s claims of 300 000 people having taken up the e-Toll discounted dispensation 60% and finds it hard to believe their claims.

e-toll fail

SANRAL is on record in the past, of providing grossly misleading information with regards… Get more