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Black Friday SABC protest necessary

For all intent and purpose, the SABC has lost its moral compass and those in charge have allowed the state broadcaster to be influenced and captured by a connected few.


“The SABC is behaving today, just as the apartheid Government… Get more

SABC actions inviting public backlash

The recent developments of news censorship and ongoing internal leadership ructions within the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC), has raised many questions about the apparent lack of professionalism and declining service output to the public.


“Having had ten CEO’s over… Get more

Eskom’s Gupta coal saga warrants absolute transparency

Eskom Gupta coalAfter careful scrutiny of the prevailing facts surrounding the closure of Arnot colliery and the rerouting of Optimum coal to Arnot Power Station, OUTA spokesman, Ted Blom, has emphasised the need for absolute transparency regarding all Eskom procurement practices.

Several… Get more

Carbon Tax: An unnecessary burden to South Africa

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has called on businesses and South Africans to become more participative in scrutinising and interacting with Government on the new proposed Carbon Tax. Recent announcements indicate that the Department of Treasury will implement the… Get more

SANRAL advised to withdraw e-Toll summons

OUTA’s recent restructure has seen the introduction of its dedicated internal litigation team, which has ensured it is well positioned both financially and in litigation expertise, to defend its supporters against Sanral’s relentless coercive practices. To date, OUTA have served… Get more

Concern over Eskom’s excessive profit motive

Eskom is a state owned entity which enjoys the trading environment of a monopoly protected by unacceptably high tariffs through a Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD) process, yet it is not being held accountable enough for its growing inefficiencies and poor… Get more

SANRAL’s e-Toll debt too great to overcome

Following the recent Parliamentary report back from Minister Peters of Sanral’s e-toll discount dispensation uptake of R145 million, paid by 130,000 motorists (averaging R1,115 per motorist), one wonders what clearer message is required by the Minister to acknowledge that the… Get more