Monthly Archives: August 2016

SAA board supporter resignation – too late to escape


“The resignation of Ms Yakhe Kwinana from the SAA board is an insincere and selfish move which smacks of a self-preserving act by a person around whom the walls of an investigation are closing fast,” – Ivan Herselman, OUTA’s Director… Get more

OUTA seeks enquiry into Eskom’s audit and financial controls

Eskom_08BFollowing the expose by Carte Blanche on 21 August 2016 of gross irregularities, overspending, maladministration and possible corruption at Eskom’s Ingula Hydro Power generation scheme, we believe it is time for a full independent enquiry into the financial management and… Get more

OUTA supports disabled community concerns on e-Toll exemptions

Minister Dipuo Peters’ recent announcement of the e-toll exemption regulations for the disabled community, is effectively meaningless and does provide and efficient solution to the hundreds of people who transport people with disabilities every day.

Ari-burnWhile the exemption process for… Get more

OUTA investigating class action against Eskom

Eskom_08COUTA will be engaging with various experts to assess the viability of launching a class action against Eskom, on behalf of the public, to recoup the tariffs unlawfully charged.

We congratulate the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chambers and others with… Get more