Monthly Archives: March 2017

OUTA calls on the President to explain himself

Three days of important investment boosting and confidence building talks and meetings have been cancelled, as a result of the President’s urgent summons for the Finance Minister to return home. And the country is still non-the-wiser as to why this… Get more

OUTA welcomes appointment of SABC Interim Board

The appointment of SABC interim board supporters Khanyisile Kweyama, Mathatha Tsedu, Febe Potgieter-Gqubule, Krish Naidoo, and John Mattison are a welcomed relief. These five supporters will, however, have their hands full when attempting to steer this mammoth organisation into calmer… Get more

OUTA trips Eskom’s Predatory Tariff Hike

Following OUTA’s presentation to the National Energy Regulator, Eskom was denied a 400% tariff hike – and the opportunity to fleece consumers. This followed a hearing held at Nersa’s head office in December last year at which, barring the attendance… Get more

Sewage pollution floods World Water Day

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) raised concern over the widespread violation of the public’s constitutional right of access to clean drinking water and a healthy environment. The concern comes after OUTA conducted a study into the maladministration within the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS).

An investigation has revealed that 71% of waste water treatment facilities are non-compliant and discharge more than 4 Billion litres of toxic wastewater into our water resources every day – threatening the quality of drinking water, food security and public health.

OUTA has requested the DWS to provide the complete Green Drop Report of 2015 in January so as to determine the extent to which municipalities have failed to comply with legislative requirements. Get more

Human Rights Commission must investigate drinking water crisis

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has lodged a complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission, calling for an investigation into maladministration within the Department of Water & Environment (DWS), which threatens drinking water supply and quality in South Africa.

The complaint followed after OUTA became aware of the department’s continual failure to monitor and enforce compliance of water services institutions in terms of its Constitutional mandate, as per section 195.

According to OUTA, water management is deteriorating annually and the root cause of the problem is a lack of monitoring and enforcement by government. Get more

SANRAL Cancels De Beers Pass Route Construction Plans

OUTA is pleased to see that sanity has prevailed around SANRAL’s plans to construct the construction of the De Beers Pass Route (DBPR).

This R10bn road construction project aimed to shave only 14km off the current N3 route between Gauteng… Get more