Our Constitution

Our constitution is the foundation for building a long-term voluntary organisation consisting of our key agreements made by us (OUTA) and our members.

We set out to make our constitution clear and simple for our members to understand our positioning; our and their rights; our and their responsibilities; our mandate and who is accountable; why we exist; and finally how we operate.

Why we Exist

Our purpose is to represent the interest of the public in general, bodies and groups related to this industry, and to protect and advance the interests of the directorship.

Our objective is to serve the promotion, protection and advancement of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in matters relating to policy, laws, or conduct that offend the rights, values and principles in the Constitution.

Who are our Key Stakeholders and Constituencies?

  • The general public
  • Gauteng motorists
  • Individual and business taxpayers
  • Bodies and groups related to this industry
  • The directorship
  • Financially contributing donors and members

How our Organisation Intends to Operate

We operate as a not-for profit voluntary organisation abiding by the “The Non-Profit Organisations Act 71/1997.” We allow donations and offer memberships.

Membership is a voluntary contribution towards a civil society movement aiming to protect individual or collective rights. A member joins to show solidarity with our (OUTA) mission to act on their behalf as a vehicle for collective civil action.

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