OUTA is a Civil Action Organisation, born in 2012 as an opposition to Gauteng’s e-Toll scheme.

In early 2016, a name change to the “Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse”, allowed retention of the OUTA acronym, while clearly depicting the work and purpose of the organisation.

While the e-Toll challenge has spanned some years, OUTA has grown stronger and developed into a qualified organisation with internal litigation capacity, researchers, investigators and other skilled staff. The growth facilitated a move beyond the e-Toll issue, as our team set out to challenge and expose inefficiencies, maladministration and corruption in other areas of state taxation policy-making and state managed expenditure.

Government’s lack of transparency and public engagement when introducing significant state expenditure has resulted in growing maladministration and state revenue plunder on projects which cost society far more than necessary. This practice leads to significant loss of funds which could otherwise be utilised to provide essential services to society.

OUTA’s role is to challenge the serious issues at play and to hold those responsible for poor governance and corruption to account. We aim to halt wasteful expenditure and irrational decisions which are not in the best interests of society.

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