• OUTA believes that it would be wrong to sit back and watch as another tax ineffective tax is introduced that poses severe risk to an over-taxed society. In this regard, OUTA will engage in the submissions process and lobby with government for the following to take place:-
  • Seek to have the Caron Tax Bill ammended to have the bulk of the revenues from this tax allocated / ring-fenced for effective and transparent investment in th egreen economy of the country.
  • Ensure that carbon off-set investment is stimulated through the equitable allocation of Carbon Tax reductions in line with the amount invested in UNCCC verified carbon off-set projects.
  • Request that verification processes are simplified and streamlined to have minimal impact on business processes and administration costs.
  • We will fully engage in the Public Participation Process and provide input and recommendations on the proposed legislation.
  • We will consider initiatives to mobilise the necessary resources as to oppose the implementation of such an act, if OUTA’s request for amendments are not substantively met.

OUTA urgently asks big business and their respective industry associations begin in earnest to assess the real impact and burden of the Carbon Tax on their businesses and to seriously question the need for the introduction of yet another regressive tax on society. It is critical for all affected parties to comment on the proposed regulations and legislation to ensure proper public participation.

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