Water & Environment

Ongoing Indignity: Bucket toilets keep Department in business

Water & Sanitation plans to spend R88 500 to replace a single bucket toilet this year, but that’s just a fraction of the 2015/16 costs of an average of R530 685 per toilet.

The Department of Water and Sanitation’s Bucket Eradication Programme (BEP) is a way of spending with no end in sight and not a great deal of delivery.

The 2018/19 Budget indicates that the Department plans to spend about R88 500 to replace each bucket toilet this year: it budgets R1 048.2 million (that’s R1. 048 billion) for the BEP with a target of just 11 844 bucket systems to be replaced. The target is listed in the Department’s Budget in Table 36.1 and the BEP budget on page 787 in the “Additional table: Summary of expenditure on infrastructure”. Get more