OUTA Chairman’s Report: 2015/16

South Africa – a nation hungry and desperate for change.

OUTA Chairman Wayne DuvenageThe recent turn of events on South Africa’s political stage suggest that 2016 will probably go down as the most significant year of change in our nation’s young but fragile… Get more

A message to Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Finance

South Africa is struggling to maintain its rightful position as a leading developing nation.

We are punching well below our weight and it comes down to poor governance, maladministration, corruption and weak political leadership. Every year, in an attempt to… Get more

OUTA Chairman’s Report

Some sixteen months ago, The Department of Transport and Sanral decided to forge ahead with their plans to launch the e-toll system, against the wishes of the public at large, their critics and the numerous business organisations who warned of… Get more

OUTA response to Minister Nene’s budget speech

Applause and compliance must be earned, not be begged for or enforced

In response to Minister Nene’s budget speech statements with regard to the E-toll fiasco, the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance will write to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa requesting… Get more

OUTA Chairman’s Report – 24 April 2014

It was just over two years ago, in February 2012 that OUTA was constituted to launch a legal challenge against Government’s decision to introduce e-tolling to fund the upgrade of Gauteng’s freeways. The challenge has lasted far longer than we… Get more

OUTA on a high

Following OUTA’s call last week to society for help in raising R1 million to get its case to the Supreme Court of Appeal in September 25th, “Just five days later we are able to announce that over R1.35… Get more