We believe that good governance will lead to the success and sustainability of OUTA, therefore, we set out to showcase our knowledge and the management of our governance.
As a civil action orientated group we believe in transparency and we abide by ethical standards when making any business decision.

Position Papers

1- E-Tolls at an Impasse
2- Beyond the Impasse – A position paper presented to the Premier Makhura E-Toll Impact Assessment Panel.
3- GFIP Construction Costs and Sanral’s Odius Debt

Presentation to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Transport

Submissions to Government Gazettes

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This report is OUTA’s submission to the Department of National Treasury, who have requested input from the public on the Draft Carbon Tax Bill. It contains OUTA’s opinion and concerns related to the results of an initial review of existing industry and academic commentary regarding the Carbon Tax Bill, released for comment on 2 November 2015.

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