e-Tolls Media Release

E-Toll opposition mounting

The OUTA responding affidavit to SANRAL’s (and other respondents) answering affidavits is being finalized for lodging with the courts today or Monday 23rd. We are encouraged by the mounting support to challenge the launch of e-tolling, such as the Road Freight Association’s (RFA) move to support OUTA’s legal action.

In addition, BUSA and SACCI have issued press releases this week calling for the delay of e-Tolling until the myriad of concerns have been properly reviewed. Some of these include outstanding amendments to the terms and conditions, finalized processes and conditions for exempted users, enforcement matters etc. COSTAU’s renewed calls for strike activity is a reflection of how serious e-tolling has now become and adds further weight to the mounting dissention to the entire process of e-Tolling.
On the question of “do the public get tagged or not?” we suggest that the public holds back on tagging until an outcome of the court case is heard. If not interdicted, there is still enough time to tag between the hearing and the end of the month.
The case is being heard in the North Gauteng High Court on Tuesday 24th April 2012.