e-Tolls Media Release

e-toll update notice to Gauteng motorists

Gauteng Advisory Panel on Socio-economic Impact of E-tolls

Following recent media release by ‘The Panel’s’ spokesperson, Thabo Masebe, OUTA hereby summarises the notice in as far as their call for input on the e-toll impact, from society.


“The Panel” has requested that any organisation wishing to make a submission to the panel should make a request in writing to the Secretary of the E-tolls Advisory Panel, 30 Simmonds Street, Johannesburg, 2107. Requests can also be sent via email to etollspanel@gauteng.gov.za.


In September 2014, the Panel is scheduled to hold public meetings in Tshwane, Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni, Sedibeng and West Rand.

A notice providing details of the public meetings and a call for written submissions will be published on 31 August.

OUTA will distribute the whereabouts, dates and times of these public meetings on its web site and other social media platforms, in the hope that as many supporters of the public as possible, who wish to be heard or to hear the issues, are present and able to give input to the panel. We urge the public to take up these invitations and participate in this process, as this is possibly the last open session that society has to express their views on the e-toll impact matter.

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