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OUTA urges the public to show support for the proposed Private Member’s Bill on Toll Roads by adding their name below. (Closes 28 Jan 2017)

The draft bill (available at this link) proposes that the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) must consult with the Premier of a Province and all the municipalities affected by a proposed toll road before declaring a toll road. SANRAL must get majority approval from these authorities, and must also identify an alternative route for motorists to use where a road is declared a toll road.

OUTA has proposed further stipulations to the draft bill, including that SANRAL must maintain the alternative route and that all revenue from a particular toll road be invested back into that road and not pooled for the entire toll road network. The proposed bill will also promote greater transparency when it comes to concession contracts and cooperative governance.

OUTA believes the bill will force the critical public participation advocated in the constitution and will ensure the voice of the people be heard.

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