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Gupta linked companies given a death blow?

Bank of Baroda

OUTA is pleased that Judge Ntendeya Mavundla has dismissed the application of 19 Gupta linked businesses to keep Bank of Baroda open in South Africa. OUTA believes that the bank indulged and tolerated highly suspicious transactions and either unwittingly or willingly supported the controversial Gupta family.

“South Africa is a better place without the corrupt family and their private banking services,” said OUTA COO, Ben Theron.

OUTA CEO, Wayne Duvenage added, “now the difficult and complicated process begins, to ensure justice is served and to repatriate the billions stolen from us”.

OUTA is a proudly South African non-profit civil action organisation, comprising of and supported by people who are passionate about holding government accountable and improving the prosperity of South Africa.

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