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Head of Marketing & Communications

If you are an energised, self-starter, highly motivated individual who enjoys taking on complex projects with a civil action and activist mind-set, then this position may be for you.job384111052b

Job title  Head of Marketing & Communications

Reports to  CEO

Position Type  Full time

The holder of this position will be responsible for all aspects pertaining to the public relations, communications and marketing activities of the company. The purpose of the position is to raise awareness of the brand and the profile of its work, throughout the divisions, whilst ensuring the positive image of OUTA is maintained and supporter growth is aided and achieved.


  • Highly collaborative style
  • High energy, maturity and leadership with the ability to serve as a unifying force
  • Self-starter; able to work independently
  • Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving, based on facts
  • Strategic and conceptual thinker; forward planning and time management skills essential
  • Excellent mediation abilities; high EQ
  • Ability to stand for what is believed as right
  • Flexible; able to work outside of normal office hours
  • Outbound digital marketing, email marketing and tele-sales
  • The ability to take knowledge and transform it into exciting and useful messages
  • Strong creative, strategic, analytical, organisational and personal sales skills
  • Excellent communication/editing ability, both written and oral
  • Capable of receiving constructive criticism well.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the CEO on improving performance, productivity, efficiency, sustainability and profitability through the implementation of effective methods and strategies.
  • Write and submit reports to CEO on all matters requiring such reports.
  • Update and engage with the CEO on all activities, meetings and projects with external / prospective partners and organisations.
  • Oversee and monitor the administration of the in-house project management system, ProofHub.
  • Training, growth and development of staff
  • Providing support, guidance and effective management of the team.
  • Engagement and overall wellness of communications team
  • Coordinate website maintenance, ensuring that new and consistent information is posted regularly and accurately.
  • Manage the development, distribution and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral including, but not limited to, newsletters, press releases and various other external platforms.
  • Analyse, develop, track and measure the level of engagement and effectiveness of digital marketing and lead generation within mainstream media over time.
  • Put communication vehicles in place to create momentum and awareness as well as to test the effectiveness of communications activities.
  • Oversee the ongoing development of the database(-s)
  • Manage the communication departments’ output to ensure the public view of the Organisation remains favourable and to broaden its identity across key audiences.
  • To ensure timeous and appropriate responses to all public interactions.
  • Ensure the high quality of all content released to the various external platforms.
  • Ascertain that all communications adhere to OUTA’s policies and protocols and are in line with the Communications Plan.
  • Exercise judgment in collaboration with the CEO to prioritise media opportunities
  • Identify challenges and emerging issues faced by the Organisation and through cooperation with management and staff, recognize external communication opportunities, risks and solutions, and define and execute appropriate strategies to support them.
  • Mentor and lead the communications team to effectively and efficiently to achieve departmental and Organisational
  • Provide direction and instruction to team on the design, production and distribution of all public engagements.
  • Administer and coordinate the team utilizing teamwork, objective setting and performance appraisals in addition to leading by example.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate the annual communications plan in collaboration with OUTA’s teams and constituents
  • Work in conjunction with the various departments and teams within OUTA to successfully devise and circulate communications related to projects and campaigns.
  • Analyse, develop and direct the generation of online content, through campaigns, newsletters etc. to engage audience segments and which will lead to measurable action.
  • Provide mentoring to staff to meet or surpass organisational goals.

Required Experience

  • 10 years’ experience in marketing / communications / publics relations, with demonstrable success, preferably in the non-profit sector
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing and/or public relations preferred. Graduate degree in a related field is desirable.
  • Experienced and effective leader; developing and maintaining budgets and mentoring, developing, appraising and supervising personnel
  • Experience in developing and implementing marketing and communications strategies
  • Website content, newsletters etc.
  • Most effective means to disseminate messages to the right audiences through the best distribution channels
  • Ability to bridge the gap between the vision and execution of strategy and ongoing business operations
  • Design and execution of marketing and communication activities
  • Overseeing design and production of print materials and publications, website management and social media content creation and management.

Job Location

Main Office: Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kindly submit your resume to Only those candidates deemed most qualified by the hiring manager will be contacted to interview within 21 days of submission. Should you not receive feedback within 14 days of our acknowledgement of receipt of your CV, please accept that your application will not have met with our approval to go through to the next round of the interview process.

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