Individual Supporters

Please use this link to download and print our manual supporter form. Once completed, send it to the email address as listed on the top of the form. We will process it and you will receive your supporter number in a conformation email shortly thereafter.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us here.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


All contributing OUTA supporters will receive our full legal defence if summonsed for non payment of e-Tolls under our e-Toll Defence Umbrella whether they are/were registered for e-Tolls or not.

OUTA supporter donations are entirely up to you and what you can afford monthly as its an honour based system – the average individual monthly donation is around R95 and extends to your immediate family. Your donation helps us challenge areas of government’s abuse of our tax money in areas including SANRAL, Eskom, road construction overpricing, long distance tolling, SAA, the NuclearDeal. Carbon Tax and others.

We do encourage the monthly debit order system as this allows our organisation to be maintained and look after civil society in a sustainable manner. Our finance partners are Collective Dynamics who provide the necessary secure collection systems and are Financial Services Board (FSB) accredited.

If you would prefer to make a manual monthly recurring contribution of your choice by EFT, our banking details are below. Please use your supporter number as a reference on every monthly donation so we may activate your supportership – this will be sent to you via email once we have processed the manual form.

To view our supporter magazines, please visit this link;

Thank you for your support.

Account Holder: OUTA,
Bank: ABSA,
Branch: Rosebank (code 632005)
Cheque Account #: 4079154375