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The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a long-term plan that determines our country’s energy mix and associated electricity generation capacity required to meet demand. The IRP entails predicting how much power South Africa will need and how this should be produced. It assesses power generation technologies – coal, nuclear, gas, hydro, wind, biogas and solar power. It sets out a base plan from the least-cost power generation options by applying scenario modelling with input parameters sourced from Eskom’s System Operator and other areas such as economic indicators and policy considerations. This plan is produced by the Department of Energy, in consultation with Eskom, industry players and research houses.

Below is a list of the IRP documents to date:

  • IRP 2018 is on the Department of Energy website at
  • The additional documents are here.
  • IRP 2016 and related documents, including costing documents, are here.

Even though OUTA agrees with the overall move toward renewable energy sources we have some questions and concerns which are not addressed in the document. These include, but not limited to, the topics listed below.

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The proposed IRP leans strongly towards the development of new renewable energy sources. However, it does not clearly define how this will impact on Eskom’s role in the future. Therefore we want clarity on where ESKOM will fit in by 2030. Should Eskom plan to build more coal plants or should be allowed to get involved in the REIPPPP (Renewable Energy Independent Power Procurement Program) phase and allowed to build renewable energy sources like solar (photo voltaic)?

The IRP makes reference to buying power from the Inga 3 scheme on the Congo River in the DRC. Should this still be an option since the World Bank has pulled out of the project for various reasons?

A significant amount of gas is mentioned in this IRP. However, there is little clarity on the source of the gas and costs involved in the development of infrastructure to support the use of such a source. This also raises ongoing concerns around fracking in the Karoo.  

With the upcoming changes projected for ESKOM, OUTA is concerned about the effect on job creation. Should the IRP include job creation calculations?

Read OUTA’s full breakdown of the IRP 

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