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OUTA’s efforts to defend the rights of citizens against the irrational and inefficient e-toll scheme can only be conducted if we have sufficient funds to manage our core operational functions, which include raising a provision for potential litigation, if need be. OUTA’s management team has decided to strengthen our structure and resources for the long term challenge against SANRAL and the Department of Transport, who have clearly indicated their intention to force the e-Toll issue into place, no matter how long this takes.

OUTA’s core operational costs relate to salaries, rent, consultants, communication costs, media, marketing and general administration expenses. In addition, we need to build a provision for litigation to further challenge the regulation changes and possible court cases.

Your commitment as a member of the public and business community, by way of a monthly debit-order, will enable us to plan and manage our affairs on an ongoing basis. We thank you for your support.