We are supporting SAFCEI and ELA in their legal challenge in the Cape High Court.  It is of the utmost importance that the contract with Russia is declared unlawful and the nuclear scheme halted. The decision about such an expense can only be taken if all stakeholders in the energy and financial issues of our country are involved. That also includes us, the taxpayers, and Treasury, who was so far ignored by the Zuma administration. Nuclear energy needs to be a well researched, informed decision about affordability, real need and sustainability, and should be in the best interest of our country.

OUTA will not only support SAFCEI and ELA in their legal challenge, but will help to ensure that this very important fight with government is brought to every South African’s attention.

We are also committed to directing fundraising towards this campaign. Furthermore, OUTA will keep on empowering society to make informed decisions about this.

We were encouraged that over 25 000 supporters of the public made use of OUTA’s engagement portal to comment to Eskom on the gazette notices regarding the Thyspunt and Duynefontein Nuclear Installation Site Licence (NISL) applications. We pointed out that the gazetting was not done in the national gazette as is required by law, and that the public was not given the legally required 28 days to comment on the proposed applications. We will keep on exposing such irregularities.

OUTA will continue working closely with SAFCEI and ELA on this issue, and will investigate all future options needed to stop this dubious deal.

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