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OUTA concerned by Internet Censorship Bill

OUTA concerned by Internet Censorship Bill

OUTA is concerned that the Film and Publications Amendment Bill is aimed at censoring online content with the intention of silencing civil society and limiting transparency in government.

“South Africa has worked hard to create an inclusive constitution which promotes freedom of expression and encourages transparency. Hate speech and gender-based violence is a systemic problem that will not go away by merely policing online content,” said Dominique Msibi, OUTA’s portfolio manager on Special Projects.

OUTA believes that public funds should be used for social upliftment, which includes tackling racism and sexism in society, however, the civil society movement believes that these reasons that were presented to parliament were decoy explanations to enforce irrational censorship of opposing voices.

OUTA is a proudly South African non-profit civil action organisation, comprising of and supported by people who are passionate about holding government accountable and improving the prosperity of South Africa.

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