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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of OUTA.

OUTA’s efforts to defend the rights of citizens and businesses against the irrational tax policies and the unjust abuse of taxes, maladministration and corruption, is only made possible with sufficient funds to manage our core operational functions (salaries, rent, communications etc). This will include raising a provision for potential litigation. OUTA’s management team has decided to strengthen our structure and resources for a number of identified challenges that the OUTA board have agreed to tackle.

The Gauteng e-Toll issue was the initial case we undertook in 2012 and is a challenge that we will continue to wage against SANRAL and the Department of Transport, to hold them accountable to the people for this irrational, costly, inefficient, unlawful and poorly planned decision.

There are many reasons why individuals and businesses join and contribute to OUTA and the OUTA board has agreed that all who sign-up and become contributing members to OUTA will fall under OUTA’s E-Toll Defense Umbrella, which has been set up to defend our members in the event of legal action taken against them due to unpaid e-toll bills.

Your commitment as a member of the public and business community, by way of a monthly debit-order, will enable us to plan and manage our affairs and expand our mandate on an ongoing basis. We thank you for your support.


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Recommended contributions:
Micro business - R200 monthly
Small business - R500 monthly
Medium business - R1,500 monthly
Large business - R5,000 or more monthly


Once you have submitted this form a senior OUTA representative will contact you in due course.

Should the form give an error, please download the manual form here