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OUTA moved by Catholic Church courage

OUTA congratulates Bishop Abel Gabuza, Chairman of the Catholic Church’s Justice & Peace Department, for their stance and display of moral courage expressed in the front page statement of the Southern Cross newspaper [30 October 2013], which outrightly rejects the Government’s eToll scheme. “We are encouraged by the strong message sent from the Catholic Church and other Faith Based organisations, who are strong ambassadors for the protection of society against gross and ill-conceived policies” said Wayne Duvenage, Chairman of OUTA, on reading the statement in the Southern Cross newspaper. “It is very seldom that Church groups denounce Government policy, unless these are clearly depicted as highly unreasonable for society to accept, as was the case during the dark days of apartheid. The enormity of this statement denouncing the eToll scheme cannot be underestimated and once again, we call on Government to halt this irrational plan before it is too late.”

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