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OUTA to proceed with e-Toll appeal

At a legal meeting with their attorneys on Monday 7th January, OUTA agreed to proceed with its application to seek leave to appeal the judgement by Judge Vorster AJ handed down 13 December, 2012.  OUTA has previously highlighted their concerns regarding the poor judgement but are now confident that this judgement will be overturned.

While the legal eToll debate has become very technical, road users must not be distracted from the simple fact that the urban eToll scheme proposed by SANRAL remains an unacceptably expensive and inefficient way of funding infrastructure. In addition, both Government and SANRAL have not yet presented any convincing plan for alternative public transport and secondary road capacity, to accommodate current GFIP road users in order to try and decongest the highways. Further, the key argument of ‘user pay’ adopted by Government, has been found to be logically flawed by applying both various tariff exemptions and caps. Against this backdrop, OUTA again calls on Government to make public the GFIP Inter Ministerial Committee eToll recommendation’s which were presented to Cabinet and enabled SANRAL to proceed with eTolls.

OUTA’s decision to proceed with the appeal has been taken after in depth discussion by its supporters and support from the public, however, the ability to proceed with the appeal will depend on further much needed financial contributions from both South Africa’s business community and public. Details of how to contribute to OUTA’s legal fees are available on their website www.outa.co.za.

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