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OUTA urges NPA to instruct Asset Forfeiture Unit to prevent Guptas moving assets offshore

OUTA welcomes the National Prosecuting Authority’s decision to set up a task team to investigate allegations and perpetrators of corruption and fraud as purported in the many cases and charges linked to state capture.

“We will be writing to the NPA and the Hawks to request that they involve civil society in their investigations, as we have already conducted in-depth investigations and laid criminal complaints which are backed up with substantive evidence and facts,” says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA’s Chairperson.

“Furthermore, we believe that with the NPA’s decision to form its task team, we believe this signals its awareness that the issues raised about corruption and state capture are significant and, if this is indeed the case, we now urge the NPA to exercise its powers by instructing the Asset Forfeiture Unit and other mechanisms of authority to prevent the flow of assets from ill-gotten gains of corruption being moved off-shore.”

OUTA is on record as accusing the state of being too slow to take action, and now that it has indicated their plans to get started OUTA believes the state should move with haste whilst not jeopardising the quality of the process.

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