e-Tolls Media Release

OUTA urges public to comment on e-Toll regulation changes

The Department of Transport released the ‘Publication of the National Road Traffic Regulations in Gazette # 39130’ requesting the public to comment on proposed changes to the e-toll regulations by 26 September 2015.

This gazette seeks to introduce a number of changes to the e-toll regulations, some of which are sincerely concerning. In order to make it easy for the public to comment, OUTA has introduced a summary of the pertinent issues in the gazette, as well as a copy of their submission to the Department of Transport and are encouraging the public to participate in making submissions on these proposed changes.

We know that life can be hectic and your time is limited. Therefore, OUTA has set up a page on their web site at https://www.outa.co.za/?p=2038 , which makes it easy for the public to submit comments on the main issues (and more), in response to this gazette. It is important to know that the more that public participate in making such submissions, the stronger the people’s case to be heard.

“We urge South African Citizens to be active on this matter and submit their input to the Department of Transport by the 26th September 2015,” says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA’s Chairperson.