e-Tolls Media Release

OUTA’s response to SANRAL’s use of celebreties to sell e-Tolls

We have seen Sanral try every trick in the book to coax the public to support e-tolls, from threatening SMS’s to a multi-million rand advertising campaign, the latest of which is an amusing selection of three celebrities who appear to have changed their minds, from once being opposed to the scheme, to now having suddenly fallen for the new desperate dispensation.  

It is our opinion that this is just another desperate tactic to emboss the failed e-toll system with respectability, but in effect, it will probably only end up tarnishing the reputation of the celebrities who fall for it.

The fact that SANRAL has chosen to use celebrities to try and sell a defunct policy, as if it were a toothpaste or a washing powder, makes a mockery of the message they are trying to send to the people. E-tolls will remain an irrational and unjust double tax for citizens, and no amount of sugar coating is going to sweeten the deal or get the people to change their minds to the levels required.