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OUTA’s surprised at ETC’s CEO d-day resignation

OUTA is surprised at the sudden departure of Salahdin Yacoubi, the CEO of the Electronic Tolling Company (ETC) appointed by SANRAL to manage Gauteng’s eToll collections process. Clearly something is amiss and if Mr Yacoubi’s departure is not for personal / emergency reasons, this would indicate possible problems within the eToll camp. Departures at an executive level do not happen at such short notice when the ship is sailing on a steady course, certainly not on the eve of the eToll program launch, which is now almost three years behind its initial launch date.

OUTA has consistently stated that this specific eToll project has been ill-conceived from the outset. It is grossly flawed and is certainly not the most practical solution to fund the Gauteng freeway upgrade. Until we know the facts, we can only assume that challenges and difficulties arising from the system’s inefficiencies may have played some part in Mr Yacoubi’s sudden departure.

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