Position Papers

Beyond the Impasse

South Africa’s first e-Toll project was introduced in the province of Gauteng in December 2013, two years later than it was supposed to be introduced in mid 2011. The scheme was doomed to fail, not because of the technology, but because of a host of factors which the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) and the South African Department of Transport got wrong.

This Position Paper provides a detailed insight as to the reasons for the scheme’s failure.

Society’s Odious Freeway Construction Debt – Courtesy of SANRAL

The South African Government’s decision to introduce an irrational e-Toll scheme to finance the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP), was the start of a new focus of questionable strategic decisions and behaviour of the State Owned Entity (SOE) – SANRAL (The South African National Roads Agency Limited). However, aside from the irrational and unpopular e-toll decision, the freeway upgrade construction costs came under fire, for not only for the identified collusion which drove the costs up, but also for the high costs related to the project.  This report gives an oversight and comparison to international road pricing costs, which suggests that South African Citizens have been subject to a gross over-pricing of their freeway upgrade.