South Africa is on the verge of a national crisis as a result of state capture and corruption. The prosecution of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, on what seems to be trumped up charges, will do irreparable harm to our beloved country. We therefore urge Mr Shaun Abrahams and the NPA to withdraw the charges against Minister Gordhan.

We ask all citizens to add their voice to save our beloved country.

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Mr Shaun Abrahams

The current standoff between national Treasury and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is not reflecting well on South Africa’s status in the international community, and it has already impacted heavily on our economy and the state of our nation. The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) believes that this issue has now developed into a crisis that will impact negatively on all South Africans.

The decision to prosecute Minister Pravin Gordhan on what appears to be a trumped up matter with strong political overtones, has become a diabolical shambles, one which has impacted significantly on the image and economy of South Africa. This has the potential to cause South Africa’s debt rating status to be downgraded, with further severe consequences.

This action by the NPA is nothing short of diabolical and can be regarded as a gross act of sabotage, something OUTA finds outrageous and unacceptable.

As this matter unfolds, it becomes more obvious to us that this prosecution is riddled with political interference and has become a farce. It is being conducted at the expense of our nation’s security, and the person who ordered this charge did not consider the potential impact this decision would have on our country.

While we do not condone wrongdoing or criminal action by anyone in any position and believe that all must answer to their transgressions, we strongly appeal to the NPA to withdraw the charges against Minister Gordhan. The intention of this action is highly questionable and its outcomes – if meaningfully assessed from the outset – had every opportunity to do considerable reputational and economic harm to the nation.

When compared to hundreds of others that pertain to gross misconduct, maladministration and wasteful expenditure, the application of this charge is nothing short of preposterous. When weighed up against the actions of the NPA on 783 accusations of fraud against president Zuma, one has to ask why this is so? This conduct by the NPA further enhances the public’s view and opinion that a number of significant institutions have been captured by the President, along with others connected to his questionable intentions and conduct.

We, the people of South Africa who support this petition, are left with no other conclusion than that the actions of the NPA are not serving the interests of all South Africans, but rather serving the interests of a select few, including a corrupt president. The pursuance of these charges against Minister Pravin Gordhan makes a mockery of this office and South Africa’s legal system.

We, the undersigned, therefore urge you Mr Shaun Abrahams and the leadership within the NPA, to do the right thing and withdraw the charges against Minister Gordhan, failing which we will use our options and make use of our collective efforts to take the necessary action against all those responsible for this debacle.

The Citizens of South Africa.

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