e-Tolls Media Release

QASA joins OUTA in application to halt e-Tolling

26 March 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

The Association for Hearing Loss Accessibility and Development strongly reject the use of an e–
tolling system in South Africa.

We fully support the application by the QuadPara association of South Africa (QASA) in litigation against SANRAL for getting the intended tollgates removed and would like to also bring the following to your attention.

The public transport system in South Africa is not accessible for persons with a hearing impairment which makes it difficult and dangerous to use. There are no Counter Loop systems installed at the ticket offices or any loop systems on the buses or trains.  Persons with a hearing loss have no choice but to travel by car, many of whom cannot afford such.  In addition, schools for the Deaf and hearing Impaired are few and generally far, in terms of geographic location, from their homes, leaving many unschooled.

The fees to be imposed by the e- tolling system will also negatively impact on an already severely marginalised community.


For further information contact


The Association for Hearing Loss Accessibility and Development

Chair person Michele Tonks

082 7817715