Racism and Discrimination


OUTA’s mandate and main focus is the influence of tax policy and the fight against corruption, maladministration and abuse of tax-payers money by people in authority, particularly in the public service and state owned entities, where the control of tax spend starts.

It goes without saying that a lot of our work is influenced by what happens in the political arena and as such, we get asked to comment on matters that fall outside our direct area of work, such as issues relating to South African society and politics. Such issues include racism and other forms of discrimination.

We wish to make it very clear that OUTA denounces ALL forms of racism, which has caused untold pain, suffering and loss to millions of South Africans. More than two decades into our new democracy, racism remains an issue that is still holding us as back as a nation. We view each and every incident of racism as unfortunate and uncalled for, and we trust that those found guilty of racism will be dealt with accordingly by all the relevant authorities, i.e. the legal system, The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and the Equality Court.

This view applies equally to acts of sexism, gender discrimination and all other acts of intolerance towards people based on religion, class, level of education, country of birth or sexual orientation.

We urge all South Africans and visitors to our country to desist from discriminatory behaviour and conduct. We furthermore urge the public to report racism and acts of discrimination to the relevant authorities, i.e. the SAPS and SAHRC (forms available on www.sahrc.org). We also ask that they please refrain from sharing of racism and other forms of discrimination on social media, as it does nothing but feed the scourge and incite unnecessary racial tension that our nation can ill afford. We believe the correct way to deal with discrimination is to report it to the authorities.

The fact that OUTA does not comment or pass judgement on incidents of racism and discrimination in South Africa, does not in any way mean that we condone it, no matter who the perpetrators are. All racism is unacceptable and uncalled for, regardless of rank in society. We therefore believe that OUTA’s management cannot be expected to comment on all or some incidents of racism.

Furthermore, no racism/discrimination will be tolerated on our own social media platforms and when we encounter such conduct, such users will be blocked.

We also make it clear that OUTA condemns all acts of violence and aggression, including violence against women and children. We call on South Africans to report such conduct to authorities, and for authorities to deal with these complaints swiftly and effectively.

OUTA believes that South Africa has one of the finest constitutions which embraces equality of all.  It is therefore the responsibility of each and every South African as well as the relevant authorities to protect the rights of all South Africans, as enshrined in our constitution and the values of our nation.