Comment on legislation change – gazette 39130

SANRAL are seeking to introduce a number of changes to the e–toll regulations, some of which are sincerely concerning and beg a response or rejection by the public. Should a sizable volume of public submissions take place, it becomes difficult for Government to simply forge ahead with their proposed changes.

The form below has been pre-populated with the three major points OUTA which believes should form part of public submissions on gazette 39130. Please enter your details below, modify the content (if you wish) and click the send button at the end of the form. Your mail will automatically be sent to the relevant authorities listed in the gazette, and you will receive a copy.

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In response to proposed regulation 5(9), pg35 of gazette #39130 (the sending of e-toll invoices)

Unlawfulness of e-Tolls

Sub regulation 2(b) Public transport exempt without e-tags

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