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RIP Madiba – we will honour your values

Following a long and most impactful life on our nation, today we mourn and pay respect to the passing of a special person, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, born 95 years ago on July 18 1918 in the Transkei.

We will resupporter his tireless and unselfish striving for freedom from abuse of power and emancipation from unjust dominance of one over another. Madiba’s cause helped to set in motion, a country with a new democratic vision and values that put the wellness and prosperity of its people as being paramount responsibilities of its leaders.

Whereas many would not be able to mentally survive the 27 years of incarceration for a cause he believed so strongly in, Madiba came out stronger, his vision clearer and his hunger for justice and pride for a morally sound South Africa was limitless.

We owe so much to this great individual of humanity.  He has left us all the opportunity to carry on with his work of seeking and developing a stronger, transparent, tolerant, caring and prosperous nation for all who live herein.

Today, the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance joins the entire country, and the world, in mourning Madiba’s passing and we do so knowing that tomorrow, we will work harder at keeping his legacy alive.