OUTA believes that it would be wrong to sit back and watch such an event after further questionable events unfold, month after month, without anything being done to hold those responsible for the conduct, and dubious (at times unlawful) actions to account.

As such, OUTA’s board has agreed to apply resources to taking the SAA board and other members of its management teams to task, as follows:

1. Seek to halt the BnP transaction through engagement with the SAA board and if unsuccessful, to seek other avenues, including litigation, to prevent this unlawful transaction from taking place.
2. To enquire and challenge the fitness of the Chairperson and others at SAA to hold the office, titles, duties and responsibilities of directorship at the airline

We will conduct our work and actions as follows:

  • Conduct thorough research, investigation and use of whistleblower information to be sure of our facts relating to the unwarranted, unlawful, maladministration, governance transgressions and other related issues which need to be addressed.
  • Conduct engagement with the powers that be.
  • Should OUTA not receive assurance from the powers that matters will be addressed in the manner requested, OUTA will expose the conduct and seek higher authority intervention.
  • Furthermore, OUTA will mobilise and inform the public as to what is happening and what legal action should be undertaken to bring pressure to bear on SAA Management to address these matters.
  • As a final step, OUTA will seek legal avenues to challenge the matter.

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